The Bozeman School Foundation’s Links to Literacy Program

Every year in September every Bozeman Public School First Grade Students, plus the librarians at those schools, receive a book from the Bozeman Schools Foundation. This book is a gift from the Bozeman Schools Foundation’s Link to Literacy Program. Along with the book, student and families will receive information about the important role parents play in the early literacy process and suggestions for reading out loud to their children. This year, all 1st Grade Students will receive a hard cover copy book on September 23rd.

On the following Friday, September 30th from 2:30-4pm, we invite all first grade students and their families to the Bozeman Public Library to participate in extension of the book activity stations. There will be painting and drawing activities, creating crafts and all kinds of games.

This year’s book is ‘The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade’ written by Justin Roberts and illustrated by Christian Robinson. The illustrator will be at this year’s Children Festival of the Book on Saturday November 5th at the Bozeman Public Library. Students and families will be able to meet Christian Robinson in person. Learn More about the Bozeman Public Library’s “Children’s Festival of the Book.”

The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade
This book features the story of how a young girl notices everything and decided to take a chance and stand up to bullying. This book will encourage children to be kind and not stand for bullying

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