11th Annual Adult Team Spelling Bee

Friday, March 8th in the Emerson Cultural Center Ballroom

We had great feedback from last year’s teams on the ALL SPELL ROUND, so this format will come back. Here’s a quick refresher what that means:

ALL-SPELL-ROUND—Our spellers’ qualifying rounds will happen in a tournament format simultaneously. Those teams with the highest accumulated points during the ALL-SPELL will advance to the Finals. This means more spelling and no early eliminations…

FREE WORD POINTS—Pre-purchased points to get you closer to the Final round. Available for All-Spell Round only!

$250—1 Point

$500—2 Points

$1000 – Advance Pass*

*ADVANCE PASS—There will be a fundraising option to secure a spot for $1,000  in the FINALS. Not to worry, pure skill is required from that point forward.

Want to be a part of the event, but don’t want to spell? No problem, bee a spectator, only $25 – tickets available at the door (This is an Adult ONLY event, so please, no one under the age of 18)



  1. Click “$300 Spelling Bee Team Registration” button
  2. Place team members in “Honor” field
  3. Add any additional comments in the “Relationship” field

Fundraise with Crowdrise. We will create a Crowdrise page for each team , which you can then share via email, Facebook or other social media to help fund your Spelling success! 



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