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Overview and Purpose

The Worthy Student Award is a $1,500 scholarship given to select Bozeman seniors to further their education. This scholarship program is unique in that recipients are personally selected by Bozeman educators, staff, and peers as deserving representatives of their graduating class. These scholarships recognize students who demonstrate good character, high ethical values, and the ability to persevere. Up to 40 scholarships are given to high school seniors each year.

2024 Worthy Student Scholarship Recipients


History of the Award

In 1978, the Worthy Student Program was founded in honor of Marjorie Keeton, a teacher, school board member, and promoter of worthy ideals in the community. The concept of honoring seniors simply for their resourcefulness, dependability, respect and personal effort is unique to Bozeman and this scholarship program.

Each year, up to 40 Worthy students receive these scholarships and are honored, together with their educators at our “Worthy Student Celebration” event in May.

These scholarships are funded by our community – parents, families, individuals, business owners, law firms, banks and other professional organizations who show their support.

Selection Criteria

Worthy Student Scholarship recipients demonstrate many behaviors of good character and core ethical values:

  • Keeping their word: doing what they say they will do
  • Treating others with respect, fairness and courtesy
  • Respecting differences in culture, social status, beliefs and opinions
  • Demonstrating consistent effort in meeting academic and personal responsibilities
  • Persevering and working through challenges and difficulties: not giving up
  • Using their skills and abilities to the highest level or degree
  • Cooperating, collaborating with, and assisting others
  • Being open-minded and listening to others’ opinions
  • Going out of their way to be considerate, supportive and helpful to others
  • Frequently doing more than is expected or required
  • Earning a 2.5 or higher cumulative GPA

Annual Giving Amount