⋅2018 Pursuit of Excellence Campaign

They joined us! The amazing donors below are supporting programs that put a book in the home of every first grader, provide school supplies to families that otherwise cannot afford them, award scholarships to students who have overcome obstacles, and enhance classroom enrichment above and beyond the established curriculum. Again, we thank you for joining us in our pursuit of excellence in every classroom, in every school.

Jean Kahn Jane Walker
Louie & Dena Loucks Heather White & David Diamond
Scott & Valerie Wilson Sue Ann Haggerty Estate
Edward Sondeno Kerry & Lee Evans
Teri Harris Bill E Warden
Warren Bowden Raymond Bradley
Sonja Chandler Jane Walker
George McClure Jr. Charlotte Reid
Ellen Guettler Mike & Debra Redburn
Betty Sauvageau Robert Carson
Mary Brutger Dani Stern
Liese Pessl Brett Tudsbury
Kurt Zimmer Keiji Yoshimura
Thomas Kaveny Gordon Watson
Paul Elder Laine McNeil

General Donations

There are many ways you can support local schools in your community through the Bozeman Schools Foundation. Your contributions have made the Bozeman Schools Foundation an essential funding partner to our K-12 schools, and we are so grateful to you for helping our committed team of educators and staff. Your continued support matters more than ever. Please consider donating today to help fund excellent educational opportunities for Bozeman students.

APPLE Recognition Awards

Awarding your teacher with an APPLE Recognition Award is a perfect way to say THANK YOU during Teacher Appreciation week or before the end of the year! An APPLE Recognition Award honors special teachers, administrators, staff and school leaders for their dedication and contributions to excellence in education. An APPLE Award is a tax deductible donation to the Bozeman Schools Foundation for their district wide programs (in the name of your chosen educator). Your donation of any amount will honor deserving recipients with a personalized card and a mention on our Facebook Page, our webpage and a note sent to their Principal.

Forms for APPLE Awards are sent home with K-8 school kids in November / December for the end of the year Awards and in April for Teacher Appreciation week. You can use the DONATE button for online payments (Teacher Name in Dedication field please) or download and print off this PDF form and send a check to Bozeman Schools Foundation, PO Box 1803, Bozeman, MT 59771-1803

Become an Event Sponsor

There are several ways you can become a Sponsor for the Bozeman Schools Foundation. There are programs and events throughout the year for:

Employee Giving

Did you know as a Bozeman School District Employee you can donate directly to the Foundation from your paycheck?

It has never been easier to support your favorite Bozeman Schools Foundation programs like Spark Grants and Worthy Student Scholarships! You gift of $1, $3, $5 or $10 a month will make a huge difference and it is tax deductible!

Just complete this form and submit it to Payroll Services.

Corporate Matching

Does your employer offer a matching benefit?

If your company has a matching gift program, your gift to the Bozeman Schools Foundation can be doubled or tripled.

Find out if you employer is one of the many companies that offer this benefit!

  • Some companies also match gifts made by a spouse or retiree.
  • Some employers will match your gift 2:1 or even 3:1.
  • Some employers will match volunteer hours!

Remember: You will need to request matching funds from your employer after your gift or pledge payment has been made to Bozeman Schools Foundation.

Memorial Donations

Bozeman Schools Foundation Memorial Gift Contributions
A memorial tribute through the Bozeman Schools Foundation allows you to make a donation that is meaningful and charitable. A memorial contribution can be made as a remembrance for a friend, family member, business associate or community leader.

Choose the amount you would like to give to the Bozeman Schools Foundation (suggested minimum of $25) and we will notify the appropriate family or individual after you provide us with the contact information. The recipient will receive a hand written memorial card which will include the name of the donor and any message you may like to include.

Please download and mail the form for a memorial contribution to the Foundation or make a contribution online through the DONATE button where you will see an option for a Dedication.

Memorial Gift Contribution Form

Legacy & Planned Giving

Change the future through planned giving.

Planned gifts provide creative and flexible solutions as you pursue your charitable and financial goals.

There are so many benefits to Planned Giving!

  • Substantial tax credit.
  • Maintain access to your income during your lifetime.
  • Provides estate and tax planning tools.
  • Builds permanent wealth for the Bozeman Schools Foundation and our programs
  • Knowing that you are supporting work that is important to you, your community and future generations.

The Bozeman Schools Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization, tax I.D. #20-1645473.

If you have any questions please contact us at 406.522.6071. For more information visit Endow Montana, contact your Financial Professional or the Foundation.

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