Each Spark grant application will be reviewed by the BSF Spark Grant committee which is comprised of community members and BSF Board members. No quotas will be set by school, grade or subject matter and each application will be evaluated individually and on its own merits, subject to meeting the grant application criteria. Final decision on grant funding will be made by the BSF grant committee. The selection process will commence immediately after the application deadline and applicants will be notified of the Foundation’s selections no later than 2 weeks after the application deadline. Applications can be submitted from September 25th – October 30th 2018.

To support creative program ideas that will enhance student learning and enrich their educational experience in Bozeman Public Schools.


  • Pilot projects that “spark” District or school-wide implications once grant period has ended
  • Classroom Projects aimed at improving student performance in a classroom setting including collaboration with other teachers, parents, etc. at a particular grade level
  • School collaboration projects aimed at connecting various grade levels or an entire school in a program or project
  • Projects that combine school curriculum with activities that partner with the community
  • Programs specifically designed for at risk students
  • Programs that encourage differentiated instruction
  • Programs that take students out of the normal classroom setting (i.e. outdoor activities, activities that allow students to apply learning to real world experiences)
  • Projects led by students and or student run clubs with the oversight of an adult district advisor (district advisor’s name and contact information must be included on application).
  • Creative projects that work with many different learning styles.
  • Projects that pilot new technology in a well thought out, student-centered way.
  • Projects that can be replicated year after year (Sustainability)


  • Food for events
  • District required textbooks
  • Projects that are intended to create a non-profit or for-profit venture
  • Professional development
  • Reimbursement for previously incurred expenses
  • Substitute teachers
  • Stipends to pay BSD teachers for summer/extra work
  • Individual student scholarships for travel
  • Projects that cannot be implemented within one year
  • Projects written by anyone other than Bozeman School District teachers, staff and students
  • Projects that have not been approved by a department head and or school principal

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